• Dismantling and disassembly of cabinet and upholstered furniture in the old apartment;
  • Packing furniture, personal belongings, furnishings and office equipment;
  • loading into the van;
  • transportation of furniture van;
  • unloading and lifting to the appropriate floor;
  • unpacking of furniture and other items;
  • assembly of upholstered and cabinet furniture;
  • arrangement of furniture in the apartment;
  • connection of office equipment to its workplace;
  • removal and disposal of used packaging material.

Our company is optimal, based on the weight and size of the goods, pick up and provide you with cars from 2 to 5 tons, in order to organize the move in one trip.


Apartment moving for many people associate with a nightmare because of the huge number of problems and significant overpayments for packing, loading and transportation services. And this is not surprising, lack of experience in dealing with organizational issues does not allow for competent solutions and planning tasks, taking into account the many influencing factors.

Features of apartment moving

Moving house is characterized by a large number of diverse cargo, which can not simply put in boxes, loaded into the car and driven to a new location. Most household and interior items, furniture, clothing is important to properly sorted and packed to get them to their destination without damage.
Furniture has large dimensions, fragile decorations, and protruding parts. Before packing it should be disassembled, and its component parts should be marked in such a way that nothing is lost and no problems to perform the reassembly in a new place. This requires experience and special tools.
Things, furniture and appliances should be packed so that it was convenient to load and compactly placed in the back of the car. You also need to coordinate the loading and unloading work, the arrival of transport and a number of other things. Any errors in planning will cause unnecessary financial costs.

The company provides special packing materials to ensure safe and comfortable moving house:

  • Cardboard boxes. We help lay them out so that the bottoms of the boxes do not tear, and it is important to sign each box.
  • Bubble wrap. Air bubbles save fragile items from spoiling during the lowering and lifting of boxes, as well as in the back of a cargo van.
  • Adhesive tapes and tape. Needed to fix bags, boxes and stretch film on the products.
  • Stretch-film. Used for wrapping interior items, furniture elements so they won’t get damaged or scratched during moving house.

Our advantages

The company will help you competently organize your apartment moving house turnkey, save your time and money. Experienced drivers, neat porters and polite managers will carefully deliver each fragile object. We guarantee competent organization of apartment moving, efficiency and safety of transportation, as well as cargo safety. It is profitable to cooperate with us! Call us and order moving services!

In the service of moving house movers includes:

  • Planning and organization
  • Transportation by truck
  • Descent-lifting things on the desired floor
  • Loading-unloading of furniture and belongings

Additional services:

  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • Packing of furniture and belongings
  • Arrange furniture in its new place
  • Providing boxes for the move