Word of the Day: My Spring Has Arrived

by Me!

Word: Spring

Characters: 春天  

Pinyin: Chun Tian

天 (tian) is 'day' and when combined with 春 (chun), the complete word means 'spring.' 

Chinese Saying: 我的春天到了 - My Spring Has Arrived

我的 (wo de - my) 春天 (chuntian - spring) 到了 (dao le - has arrived) 

In this instance, 'spring' means romance or a love interest. When your spring has arrived, it means you have found a boyfriend/girlfriend. After the long cold winter (devoid of true love), spring has arrived and romance has bloomed. 

So when you finally find your perfect match, feel free to tell your family and friends, "我的春天到了!"  


This all has to be a joke, right? Right???

by Me!

I can't believe what I'm reading. This has to be a hoax. How could a situation that's already so messed up and full of twists suddenly turn around and kick you right square in the crouch. For all I know it could be fake and completely made up and I apologize to all the people involved if this does turn out to be the case but the story is clearly gaining momentum. What story am I talking about, which you can read HERE

Let me just say the Tags for this post are as follows: Bo Xilai, Zhang Ziyi, Daily Mail, prostitution

My jaw is officially dropped and world shattered.