Korean Trip/Oxy Reunion: Pictures and Videos!

by Me!

Pictures and videos from the Korean part of our trip are finally up. Shanghai part coming soon. Last time I was in Seoul I only had one full day. This time I had three. I got to see a lot more of the city and really enjoyed it. Thanks to Sunghoon, Peter, and Finn for making it special. Two page photo gallery is at http://prcand.me/albums/seoul-korea/


Karaoke on the first night in Seoul with Finn and Sunghoon

Why are you so far away from me?
Tonight... tonight... tonight... 


Korean/Japanese/Portuguese Joint Fireworks Display on second night

Approaching by bus. 
Apocalypse starts at 1:50 of the video. Largest single fireworks display I have seen in my life.


Korean street games

Balloon popping game. Action starts at 43 seconds. 
Skip to 2:25 to see the tile breaking. 


A rotating door!

A pretty neat rotating door at the Lotto Hotel, with a surprise child ending at 16 seconds.