Do people still use online dating websites?

by Me!

Okay, so today I came upon I swear I was not looking for dating sites. Just came upon a blog directing me to this site (honestly!). That being said, i did learn some valuable information. 

I had no idea there were this many English language Chinese dating websites. has some damning reviews, such as this one for

Just to be clear, we’re not stating that this site is an “evil” internet site -you’re by no means likely to get conned here. What we are saying is that it’s a pathetic web page and you might be in severe danger of being bored to death. Unlike, this website is not even good for a laugh. We suggest that you you should not bother wasting your time on it unless your idea of an excellent internet Chinese dating experience is wandering around for days on end in a large empty space attempting to locate anyone who might be breathing.

He's another for

If you ‘re searching for a night of cyber lust and you tend not to worry about the thought of a wanton seduction with someone who may perhaps secretly be a hulking, hairy Nigerian guy, then or would possibly be your new home away from home, but for a serious Chinese girlfriend and dating Chinese women online in hopes of an enduring loving relationship, give these two web sites a firm pass!

Seems like a lot of the sites are nothing but scams:

One thing you should never do is trust and think you’re going to meet your perfect Chinese match there. This site has nothing to do with dating Chinese women and has everything to do with scamming innocent men. Join this site and you will find yourself paying exorbitant fees to send messages to beautiful Chinese women that don’t really exist. Are there any real Chinese women on the site? We can’t say for sure, but if there are then they’re being played just like the men are, and you could spend a lifetime on the site, not to mention thousands of dollars, without ever meeting one.

I never got the online dating thing. I guess it's still popular in the West and I know of foreigners that have used It would be interesting to research Chinese language dating sites and their current popularity (mental note made). 

Apparently not all is bad. Top pick -

Given the extent of its personal service, the vast array of onsite features, the high security it offers, and especially the huge number of real and beautiful Chinese women members, the fees to become a Gold member on are really very reasonable, lower than on many sites which offer very much less. For one fee you are able to meet, message and chat with every member on the site – no fees for individual introductions and no translation fee. Again, if it is marriage or a long term relationship you’re looking for, don’t be hesitate – offers everything you could want in dating Chinese women online!

So you heard it hear first, guys. Don't be hesitate!