Angry Birds parties and Plants Vs. Zombies t-shirts

by Me!

So what has iPhone's popularity spawned in China? Firstly, Angry Bird parties. Night clubs in China often have themed weekends, some of which can be very elaborate (I'll get to posting last year's Avatar party at some point). Ended up walking into an Angry Birds party. This one wasn't as elaborate as some and mostly consisted of signs and t-shirts. Not sure what other special hooks the party had for the Angry Birds theme, but I didn't see too much. Did see one bar girl with her iPhone playing Angry Birds. Angry Birds is almost as popular in China as it is in the US and you see products based on it everywhere, including stuff animals, t-shirts, iPhone cases, thumb drives, card games, etc. 

Other games are also very popular including Plants Vs. Zombies. Last month was in the below hotel and saw a mother, father, and little kid all with Plants Vs. Zombies themed t-shirts. Very cute. Saw them but they entered the elevator before I could take pictures. Was then lucky when 5 minutes later the son and father came back down to the lobby. 

One last photo. I was in a coffee shop and the couple behind me were sitting across from each other BOTH playing games on their iPhones (sorry, had to sneak in an over-the-shoulder photo). I was reminded of this picture today after seeing an Engadget post. They were made for each other. Cute.