Jalopnik: You're prediction is noted

by Me!

From Jalopnik:

According to [Lamborghini's] statement "The only thing we can say is that we will have one surprise for the Geneva Motor Show and one for the Beijing Motor Show."

Going out on a limb here and saying the surprise in Geneva is going to be the good one. Sorry, Beijing. You can always just make your own out of whatever parts you've got in your backyard.

Wait, which market is the most important for Lamborghini? Probably the one that's actually the largest. And if you're guessing that the best surprise will be the new Lamborghini SUV, which country is becoming SUV crazy? In the past two months I've been in both the US and China and in only one of those countries did I see X6s, Q7/Q5s, and Cayennes on almost every street corner (hint - it wasn't the US). 

Jalopnik, I'm putting 100元 on the table that you're wrong. The Beijing show will be the unveil of the better surprise.