Homemade Chinese Saleen GT500 Mustang

by Me!

In my Dongguan Ghost Mall post for Project SGZS, I gave a sneak peak of something I called the greatest discovery of my 5+ years in China. And this is it.

I could already tell from half a block away there was something different about this parked car. The roof seemed to be chopped and the windows were completely blacked out. This is what I saw as I approached by bike: 

Then I saw the back. Interesting...

But it wasn't until I saw the front that my jaw dropped and I probably started saying, "what the..."

I had stumbled upon a homemade Saleen GT500 Mustang. Wow.

Giddy with excitement, I got off the bike and spent the next 15 minutes silently observing in amazement. The car was parked in front of a small auto shop and the three Chinese women inside the shop seemed confused by my curiosity. I also got a few looks from people passing by as I kneeled on the ground taking photos. 

I'm not completely sure the make of the original car. Maybe a VW Golf? I love the attention to detail with both the decals and especially the heavily modified front. I tried to take pictures of the interior but it was impossible. The windows were plastic and the tinted areas are truly 100% blacked out. I was able to see a custom dash with lots of large dials. More photos are below (I have posted higher quality photos in the Vehicle Gallery).




I felt I had to take a video of the scene (even if it wasn't completely necessary). I apologize for the shakiness of the camera. The video suddenly ends because my iPhone ran out of memory. 

After 15 minutes, I said 再见 (zai jian) to the car and waved goodbye to the women in the auto shop. I wish I could have seen the GT500 in action. Homemade Mustang, it was nice to meet you. I'll keep an eye out for you next time I'm in Dongguan.