Views from the Shanghai Formula One Grand Prix 2012

by Me!

The Chinese GP was held April 13th-15th. I went to the race with my father and college friend and my team came in 2nd and 3rd. So not a bad deal.

I have been to the race the past 5 out of 6 years, and this might have been the most packed I've seen the stands. The reason? Well I think there are two reasons. The first is the opening of the metro stop at the race track. In post years this stop has been shut down the weekend of the race. It's utilization this year made for better transportation to and from the race. The second reason was the return of Kimi. It seemed that every other Chinese girl I saw was carrying a Finnish flag. Just watch the video below of the drivers' parade. One minute into the video, Kimi's face appears on the television screen just as he passes his legion of fans. The moment was perfect.    

But it wasn't only the size of the crowd that was different this year. It was how revved up the crowd was. In past years, the Chinese fans have been quiet and observant. Yet this year, something had changed. An hour before the race, the crowd seemed to explode with excitement. The grandstand opposite us at the hairpin spontaneously did the wave. When their wave didn't entirely reach the end of their grandstand, our entire grandstand started laughing and booing. Next thing I know, our grandstand then did the wave. And then they tried to out-do our wave, then we did it again, and so on. 10 minutes later and we, the 30,000 people at the hairpin, were still heckling each other and having 'wave' competitions. It was one of the most special moments I've ever participated in at a sporting event. We were all one and the air was electric. Is this how Monza feels?

I present below some photos and videos from that weekend. I am happily looking forward to attending this race for many years to come.

Qualifying (Q1)

Drivers' Parade and Kimi Fever (remember to watch the reaction at one minute into the video)

Formation Lap

Celebration Lap for Nico