Transportation of furniture is a time-consuming and difficult tasks, because it is important to save it from damage, to put it as compactly as possible inside the body of the car, as well as neatly perform loading and unloading work. This is especially true for antique furniture, which is of special value. For these reasons it is profitable to apply to our company for furniture transportation.

Features of transportation of furniture

Furniture in most cases has not only large dimensions, but also non-standard shape. If it is not disassembled, to transport several cabinets, you will need to hire a large car or make several trips, which is not profitable. It is also almost impossible to carry and load furniture that has not been disassembled without damaging it.
Therefore, all furniture must be disassembled completely or partially. To do this, you need to have experience in carrying out such work and special tools. It is necessarily necessary to calculate the total weight and volume, so as to hire a suitable machine without overpaying. Our company recommends using furniture vans from 2 to 5 tons.
When disassembling furniture, all parts should be labeled and carefully packed. When loading into the body, you need to ensure the conditions in which damage is prevented in the event of jolting. It is also worth thinking about the logistics of movement on the roads for speed of delivery and the safety of the cargo.

Advantages of our company

Our company has many years of experience in transporting furniture, it employs qualified workers, has a large fleet of cars that can carry loads of up to 5 tons. Transportation is carried out with a guarantee of safety, we strictly adhere to deadlines, we conclude an official contract. It is profitable to cooperate with us! Call us, consult us and order the transportation of furniture.