When organizing a move on their own, many people do not take into account packing furniture. As a result, they have to pay for torn upholstery, scratched countertops, etc. The professional approach of the company «» is completely different. For each interior element (armchairs, cabinets, tables, etc.) we have developed an individual method of packaging. We have a variety of packaging materials, such as furniture scratch film, bubble wrap, tape, boxes of different sizes. Boxes for the move is made of corrugated cardboard, which well protects the contents from moisture, dirt, dust, and mechanical damage.

Why order boxes for the move?

Cardboard packaging has a lot of advantages:

  • Large volume. Inside you can compactly place a variety of things such as clothing, documents, and more.
  • Affordable cost. They are not expensive. Price depends on size and volume of the product.
  • High quality and reliability. The company provides durable and reliable products, made of thick corrugated board. They will easily withstand the permissible weight of folded objects.
  • Safety. Cardboard boxes for moving are made of environmentally friendly materials that do not emit harmful substances.
  • Universality. You can buy boxes for the move with delivery, which can be put a mark. Thanks to this, you will not get confused in what container certain things lie. Cardboard products can be disassembled and folded into a flat sheet to store until the next apartment or office move.

Where and how to buy cardboard boxes?

Call or leave an online application on the site. Boxes for moving can be purchased at the company
We offer a wide choice of products in various sizes, shapes and price categories. We take care that the product is always in stock, so you do not have to wait until it appears again.